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Feb. 13 (19) | Female | Royally Rebelious ・:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ *. *☆. ♔* .:*. °☆. .:*・°☆.: . Right now, I am having a strong emotional attachment towards Ever After High and there aren't enough webisodes to fulfill me.



best friend: Cato

rival: Clove

star-crossed lover: Cato

first kiss: Peeta

killed by: Haymitch

your district: 12

Best Friend is Effie

Rival is Clove (Duh?)

Star crossed lover is Effie.

First kiss is Cinna


District 8.

Best Friend: Peeta

Rival: Effie

Star-Crossed lover: Cato

First Kiss: Peeta

Killed By: Cato

District: 2

Oh snap!

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    best friend: katniss effie star crossed lover: rue first kiss: cato killed by: snow 2 what do you get?
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    Best friend : Effie Rival : Effie (this do not match xD) Star-crossed lover : Rue First kiss : Rue Killed by : Katniss...
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    best friend: Katniss katniss starcrossed lover: effie first kiss: snow Killed by: Gale 11
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    This one was like the best one Best friend: Katniss (obviously we would be friends) Rival: Cinna (that’s unfortunate)...
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    Best friend: Cinna Cinna Star-crossed lover: Snow First kiss: Effie Killed by: Gale 4 What is my life?!
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    Best Friend: Haymitch Clove Star crossed lover: Peeta First kiss: Gale Killed by: Peeta District 10 Peeta is my...
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